BAF has distinguished the need for a national wide entrepreneurship program for the youth with albinism to equip them with practical, strategic and tactical tools to become financially self-sufficient and active contributors to their communities.

The BAF Empowering Marginalized Entrepreneurs(EME) is a tailored training program specifically for the marginalized people with albinism in Tanzania. This initiative is designed to provide business education to out of school youth to enhance understanding of the market economy, encourage innovative thinking to acquire business skills, instil positive attitude and expand career options of the trainees.

We have so far successfully conducted entrepreneurship training for 100 people with albinism in Dar es Salaam and Kigoma and Geita Regions

Since 2014, 100 youth with albinism in Dar Es Salaam, Kigoma and Geita have successfully graduated from the program and have progressed into more effective entrepreneurs as they conduct their micro enterprises while other gained employment.

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Brigitte Alfred Foundation

Brigitte Alfred Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Tanzania, established in 2014 by Brigitte Alfred, Miss World Tanzania 2012 and Tanzania Albinism Society Ambassador. 

 We are involved in various programs and interventions mainly to improve the welfare, highlight the plight, advocate for the rights and social integration and of people with albinism.